Monday, March 26, 2012

This may gross you out...

Well, we are alive and kicking in southwest Florida! This semester has been a crazy one to say the least... 18 credit hours... over 25 exams, 4 papers, 2 group assignments, and 5 OR observation days. I now officially has some sympathy for those "baby docs" that I got so frustrated with some days, and I have not even really started my clinical rotations yet!
When I started my undergrad work my instructors said that we could expect to gain 20+ pounds during the program...but I didn't, then when I got me RN-BSN, the instructors again said the same thing and again I defeated the odds....
well.... grad school has proven to me that the freshman 20 my old instructors spoke of is now the freshman 40! I mean 40 pounds... holy crap how did I get to be this woman! I am the biggest I have ever been and I hate it. Remember when I completed P90X a couple of years ago with my bestie Shami.... I was rocking it. Then a new job, different hours, two weddings, a honeymoon.... etc etc and I fell right back into my old habits and then some. I tried to do P90X again but I was bored with the work outs plus I don't feel like I can give up one and a half hours a day to work out. ( I know what your thinking... I spend that much time on facebook throughout the day I am sure) So, I ordered, received and started INSANITY this morning. The workouts are ...insane... wah wah... but the are quick and I feel like I can make good time/effort and then get busy with studying.
Here is the gross part.... I am going to post my weight, measurements, and fit test results to help keep track and motivate myself to keep pushing. Without further ado here is day 1..
weight: 240 switch kicks: 40
chest: 43in power jacks: 30
waist: 43 power knees: 60
hips: 53 power jumps: 14
L thigh: 30.5 globe jumps: 5
R thigh: 30.5 suicide jumps: 7
L bicep: 17.5 push up jacks: 8
R bicep: 17.25 low plank obliques: 25
Maybe when I am finished I will post pictures. So hopefully in 60 days I will be feeling least in my clothes!
PS: Did I mention that my husband signed us up for the DIRTY DASH at soldier hollow June 2nd?

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Billie Sue said...

Well, good luck with your endeavors and particularly the Dirty Dash!