Monday, March 26, 2012

This may gross you out...

Well, we are alive and kicking in southwest Florida! This semester has been a crazy one to say the least... 18 credit hours... over 25 exams, 4 papers, 2 group assignments, and 5 OR observation days. I now officially has some sympathy for those "baby docs" that I got so frustrated with some days, and I have not even really started my clinical rotations yet!
When I started my undergrad work my instructors said that we could expect to gain 20+ pounds during the program...but I didn't, then when I got me RN-BSN, the instructors again said the same thing and again I defeated the odds....
well.... grad school has proven to me that the freshman 20 my old instructors spoke of is now the freshman 40! I mean 40 pounds... holy crap how did I get to be this woman! I am the biggest I have ever been and I hate it. Remember when I completed P90X a couple of years ago with my bestie Shami.... I was rocking it. Then a new job, different hours, two weddings, a honeymoon.... etc etc and I fell right back into my old habits and then some. I tried to do P90X again but I was bored with the work outs plus I don't feel like I can give up one and a half hours a day to work out. ( I know what your thinking... I spend that much time on facebook throughout the day I am sure) So, I ordered, received and started INSANITY this morning. The workouts are ...insane... wah wah... but the are quick and I feel like I can make good time/effort and then get busy with studying.
Here is the gross part.... I am going to post my weight, measurements, and fit test results to help keep track and motivate myself to keep pushing. Without further ado here is day 1..
weight: 240 switch kicks: 40
chest: 43in power jacks: 30
waist: 43 power knees: 60
hips: 53 power jumps: 14
L thigh: 30.5 globe jumps: 5
R thigh: 30.5 suicide jumps: 7
L bicep: 17.5 push up jacks: 8
R bicep: 17.25 low plank obliques: 25
Maybe when I am finished I will post pictures. So hopefully in 60 days I will be feeling least in my clothes!
PS: Did I mention that my husband signed us up for the DIRTY DASH at soldier hollow June 2nd?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


10 year olds! Some days I get so dang frustrated with the mouth on this kid. I just am not sure what to do with her. I have tried time out...which turns into all day because she wont stop running her mouth, spankings.... which usually ends with "that didn't hurt mom", taking privileges away...laptop, pool, that doesn't even phase her anymore. I think this year Santa is REALLY going to leave her coal! I just am not sure what else to do. Do any of you amazing moms out there have any other suggestions?
On a different note, testing this past week went better. Not exactly where I want to be yet but improving and I will take that. I have another exam next Tuesday so we will see how it goes. We will be home for a visit in two weeks and we are so freaking excited that we can hardly contain ourselves. We are fully prepared to freeze our bums off since it has been 75-85 degrees F everyday, and the simple fact I currently cannot fit into any of my winter clothes : \ Guess this holiday season I will have to be one of those spandex wearing chubby girl that I said I never would be! Oh well, see you all soon : )

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am alive!

Hello friends and family who thought maybe I had fallen off the face of the earth..... I am here to tell you not earth just blogging! For those who don't know Gabby and I are in Florida attending graduate school... and my adorable hubby and kiddos are back home in Utah freezing! I will try to keep updating and post billions of pics to make you all jealous! We want everyone to know that we LOVE and MISSyou all so much. We will returning in December for the Christmas
holiday...cant wait to see everyone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOW.....I'm Married!

October 16th was the best day ever! Everything went as planned and there were no my knowledge! I can hardly believe that we finally did it! Here are some pictures from the best day yet.